Dior Presents its Cruise 2021 Collection With a Special Live Show in Lecce, Italy

Lindsay Judge   |   23-07-2020

Dior presented its highly-anticipated Cruise 2021 collection designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, with a spectacular show in Lecce in Puglia, Italy.


With a colourful and emotional presentation, Maria Grazia Chiuri’s latest collection proved there is still room for runway shows in the industry and the world and passion of this collection could be felt through the presentation.


Created as a tribute to Italian craftsmanship, Chiuri looked back to the region of Lecce, Puglia, where her father grew up. An area that is known for the incredible abilities of its highly skilled artisans and an impeccable level of savoir-faire.



The collection itself brought together all the aspects that we love from Chiuri’s designs whilst paying tribute to the traditions and craftsmanship of the region.



The stunning setting was a colourful light display on some the Duomo cathedral, showing that there is still a reason to sing and dance, even during these testing times.



Models wore embroidered dresses, highlighting the highly skilled work of the local artisans. Fringed skirts, traditional geometric patterns and intricate detailing. Colourful pieces were paired with denim, and each look was worn with a chic headscarf. Of course, the classic Dior Bar Jacket was a key look for the collection – this time made to be more lightweight with multicoloured stripes – the perfect way to wear this classic pieces in summer.



Leather and denim were paired with lightweight fabrics, soft, natural materials and white kerchiefs. Maxi dresses, long-sleeved modern designs are perfect for warm summer evenings. And worn over crisp white shirts.



Old-age techniques came together to create these pieces in a way no other artisans can. From hand-weaving with natural fabrics, to Tombolo; a 15th century, extremely delicate style of lace.



The show was created in partnership with local entertainers and skilled creatives. Artist Marinella Senator imagined the stunning show space composed of Luminarie, taking inspiration from the symbolic importance of these luminous architectures.  The project was brought to life by the house of Fratelli Parisi, a company that has illuminated the local streets of Lecce for hundreds of years. Over 30,000 LED bulbs and 20km of cable were used on the structure that took 12 days to assemble.



It was estimated that 1,000 participants went into the making of this collection. From weavers to artists, to musicians, dancer, filmmakers, carpenters, photographers and more. Almost everyone was sourced locally – something that was key to the showcase of the special talent in this region.



While there was no live audience physically there on the day, the crows could view from afar as the show was broadcast all around the world. The presentation closed with a concert by popular Italian singer Giuliano Sangiorgi who performed with a live orchestra.