Discover Paris Fashion Week Men’s Fall/Winter 2020 Shows

Lindsay Judge   |   19-01-2020

As the fashion crowd moves to Paris to see that latest fall/winter 2020 men’s shows, we discover the latest looks and trends that will be shaping up the men’s industry later this year.


Dior Men

For his fall/winter 2020 collection Dior Men’s Artistic Director Kim Jones was inspired by his friend and iconic stylist of the punk era Judy Blame. Jones drew on the brand’s archive to create a collection that was inspired by the past but looked to the future. There was a clear influence from the punk era and looks featured a deconstructed look and a nod to the designer’s love of architecture. But the beauty of this collection was in the details. We saw Moiré effects of silk, embroideries, arabesque motifs and paisley patterns. Opera gloves completed each look and buttons were covered in fabric. Shades of grey, blue, white and monochrome tones made up the colour palette, while pleats, volume and draping created an elegant finishing touch.


Dior Menswear, Fall/Winter 2020-2021


Dior Menswear, Fall/Winter 2020-2021


Louis Vuitton

Virgil Abloh’s love of streetwear has been widely expressed in previous seasons, but as the concept of streetwear evolves, so does the Artistic Director’s designs. For the fall/winter 2020 collection Abloh played with the classic suit. Re-defining traditional codes and styles and adding a unique edge to a tapered silhouette. The theme for the collection “Heaven on Earth” saw pints of blue skies and symbols of craft and creativity. An earthy colour palette was broken up by flashes of bold and neon hues such as pink blue and orange. This was perhaps the most elegant menswear collection we have seen from the brand in the past few seasons and it perhaps marks a new chapter of Abloh’s designs.


Louis Vuitton Menswear, Fall/Winter 2020-2021


Louis Vuitton Menswear, Fall/Winter 2020-2021



At Valentino tailoring got a new look with the fall/winter 2020 collection designed Pierpaolo Picciolo. The elegant collection was inspired by today’s interpretation of romance and what the modern man needs today. Picciolo combines classics tailoring with sports influences and designs that allow expression and a new meaning to the “uniform” of the traditional suit. The colour palette features a harmonious collection of white, ivory, burgundy, lead, blue and black. This collection allows men to break the codes of tailoring and express themselves in a modern way.


Valentino Menswear, Fall/Winter 2020-2021


Valentino Menswear, Fall/Winter 2020-2021



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