Elie Saab Celebrates the Beauty of Thailand With His Spring/Summer 2023 Couture Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   25-01-2023

Elie Saab’s Spring/Summer 2023 Haute Couture collection “Golden Dawn” is a celebration of the beauty and style of Thailand. This golden offering was inspired by an opulent royal ceremony in the beautiful South Asian country.


Each majestic piece in the collection is intricate and ornate carefully put together with embroideries, embellishment and beaded details, recreating the scenes of natural beauty that can be found in the country. Shimmering rhinestones and crystals weave into the delicate metallic tresses of wispy capes and sumptuous large coats that make elegant statements as they dance to the floor.



Delicate wing-like details and long golden trains create powerful silhouettes with asymmetrical bodices and plunging sweetheart necklines, creating lavish silk crêpe winds and wild peplum waves of ivory and pearl. Sacred koi fish swim through mermaid tails and ornate scalloped overskirts to join the dawn, as crystal rose lotus flowers blossom upwards from blue ponds to offer a water blessing.



Luscious verdant petals and 3D guipure blooms emerge from organza layers of spontaneous merriment, while freesia blossoms charmingly dangle from embellished hemlines. Light gold tulle and plush draped embroideries in exquisite textures, undulating between elaborate passementerie details and transparency. And finally, entwined in glimmers of white and gold floral vines, the bride dances forth, leading to new beginnings.



The collection also features a strong focus on menswear which was recently introduced to the brand’s offering. Men’s designs follow the same inspiration as the women’s creations, with regal golden looks creating a sense of power and opulence.


See more of the collection below: