Caring For Your Shoes The Berluti Way

Diana Bell-Heather   |   01-12-2017

BERLUTI shoe care

Fine shoes require tender love and care and the guys at Berluti know a thing or two about what’s best for your precious footwear collection.


Exposure to rain and moisture weakens leather, while heat dries it out, causing it to crack, and exposure to sun could result in fading. Having built a reputation in fine leather accessories, the brand’s bespoke shoemaker Patrice Rock shares his tips on how to keep your plush leather footwear looking healthy and fresh for longer.


Cleaning and Preparation 

To dust off all the impurities, gently clean the surface of the shoe with the help of a soft cloth or a light bristle brush. Then, massage a neutral cream over the shoe, paying particular attention to the creases formed while walking. Use a soft cloth to apply the cream on fragile leathers and a bristle brush if the leather is textured or impregnated. Repeat the same process for the sole of and heel with a welt brush, a coarser brush that is made with horsehair and brass bristles to thoroughly clean the surface. Allow the shoes to rest for approximately 5-minutes before proceeding to the next step.



Once dry, directly massage a shoe polish onto the surface, using circular motions to ensure that the colour is well absorbed. While selecting the shade of polish to match the shoe, always remember to opt for a slightly lighter colour than the actual shade of leather to preserve its original colour. Once they have been polished, leave the shoes to dry for a couple of minutes before rubbing the surface with a buffing glove to really enhance the shine.



While the shoes look glossy and new after polishing, end the process with a gentle glaze for a longer lasting effect. Using shoetrees to maintain their shape, apply a blend of polish and water on the surface of the shoe and gently massage the leather in circular motions with the help of a soft cloth wrapped around your index finger.


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