Celine Presents its Summer 2021 Men’s Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   30-07-2020

Celine has presented its Summer 2021 Celine Homme by Hedi Slimane collection.


Titled “The Dancing Kid” this bold collection was presented at the Circuit De Castellet in France. Created by Hedi Slimane the collection is a tribute to teen romance.





In December 2019, Slimane photographed teen personality Noen Eubanks in London he became the face of the brand. Inspired by that moment, this collection was being prepared in early 2020 but the confinement period confirmed the Creative Director’s direction.



The Dancing Kid is a “documentary” collection spanning eboys and current skate culture, a candid portrait of a generation that took advantage of the confinement and isolation to assert itself and emancipate itself creatively, spontaneously inventing an initiatory language anchored in dance and teen romance.



Hedi Slimane invited six artists to participate in the form of the dancing kid editions, in the manner of a group show.



The six artists consisted of: Tyson Reeder, Jesse Harris, Gregory Edwards, Ryan Ford, Amy Sillman and Turpentine.



The collection itself consisted of a bold and audacious coming together of teen spirited classics. Animal print, checks, tie-dye creations and studded pieces created a perfect storm. Leather jackets embroidered with the words “The Dancing Kid” were a nod to the LED lights that were so often found in the bedrooms of teenagers.



Lacerated jeans – a constant for Hedi Slimane – make a return while the Celine Z Trainers TR01 and TR02 will surely become an icon when they debut in November 2020.



Hedi Slimane invited the 22-year-old Canadian rapper Tiago Garcia-Arenas, AKA “Tiagz”, to compose an exclusive 15-minute version of the anthem “My Name is Tiago” for the dancing kid.


The full presentation can be watched here…