Dior Presents a Men’s Capsule Collection Designed by Denim Tears

Lindsay Judge   |   07-12-2022

Dior recently presented its Men’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection in Egypt.

Ahead of the reveal of the main collection, the brand unveiled a special capsule offering, guest designed by streetwear brand Denim Tears.


Collaborating with the brand’s founder Tremaine Emory Dior’s Artistic Director of Menswear Kim Jones created a collection that had denim at its roots but offered a Dior twist on the brand’s aesthetics.



“I want to share that moment in time, that beautiful moment in time where black writers and musicians and artists were coming from America, running from America, and finding some level of acceptance in certain European cities and being able to have their art respected and who they are respected.” Said Tremaine Emory.


He continued: “It wasn’t perfect but it was just a moment, a beautiful moment for blacks to have the privilege and opportunity to escape from the terror, the horrors of America, a segregated Jim Crow America. artists like Miles Davis and writers like James Baldwin found refuge in Paris.”


The collection is a dialogue between New York and Paris via New Orleans, combining the culture and flair of these through distinctive cities.



It is largely inspired by the look of black Ivy League students of the fifties and sixties, combined with the style of jazz musicians from the same period. There is also a nod to the civil rights movement of that time, with subtle workwear influences seen throughout the looks.


See more of the collection below: