Giorgio Armani Supports the Horizon Foundation With its Latest Project

Lindsay Judge   |   03-11-2022

Giorgio Armani is supporting the first project by the Horizon Foundation, the non-profit association founded by French model Benjamin in 2022.


At the age of 28 Benjamin, who has modelled for Giorgio Armani throughout his career, discovered he was suffering from a serious form of Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), a genetic degenerative vision disease for which there is still no cure. RP affects the retina, making cells break down slowly over time, causing progressive and gradual loss of vision usually progressing to blindness. While there is still no cure, there are research programmes hoping to find suitable treatments to fight the disease, but funding and awareness is essential.



After his diagnosis, Benjamin decided to channel his experience of the condition into helping others and to increase public awareness of the illness, as well as raising funds for research into the disease and its treatment.



In his first major project, Benjamin fulfilled one of his dreams by sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. But his journey also carries an important message about transforming every experience into an act of commitment and personal expression and making the most of life.



As Benjamin undertakes this one-in-a-lifetime trip alongside four of his friends, Giorgio Armani will be documenting the journey, in order to share the story and to help raise funds for this important cause. Armani will share a series of chapters across the brand’s social media accounts, giving extraordinary access to the charitable journey as it happens.



Find out more about the Horizon Foundation at