Zegna Makes a Commitment to Its Cashmere Fibre Being Fully Traceable by 2024

Lindsay Judge   |   13-09-2022

Italian menswear house Zegna has revealed its intention and commitment to ensuring its OASI Cashmere fibre is fully traceable by 2024.


As part of the brand’s strategy, envisioned by its founder, the house has always promised to give back to the community through Oasi Zegna, the home of the brand.



Oasi Zegna is not only a unique model of societal and environmental consciousness but also, and more broadly, a set of values that ultimately foster consistency and promote harmony: between men, machine and nature, past and present, belief and innovation, always looking ahead while keeping track of our roots.


The identity of Zegna is based on a fearless vision and a continuous quest for innovation, fostering excellence as a value.



Oasi Cashmere is a central development on the brand’s Road to Traceability, as it commits that the cashmere fibre used in the house’s cashmere collection will be fully certified traceable by 2024. Zegna will take the world’s finest raw materials which are manufactured in Italy and ensure there is 100 per cent transparency throughout the full production process.



Oasi Cashmere is a thing of excellence based on the ethics of beauty as the brand continues to strengthen its commitment to sourcing responsibly, in harmony with nature, from goat to garment. Oasi Cashmere is based on the assumption that the very best garments can only come from the best natural resources and that the best natural resources need to be cared for and can be traced.



Zegna’s vertically integrated business model allows it to be responsible and accountable, from start to finish. In turn, all the products will have a truthful ID, highlighting how deep values are set as identity traits. As an authentication of the brand’s commitment to traceability they will enclose a QR code in each item, showing the entire journey of the Oasi Cashmere collection, from the cashmere farm to the stores as well as bringing the customer to Oasi Zegna where the campaign has been shot.