Delvaux Explores New Leather Working Techniques With Its Latest Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   28-07-2022

Belgian leather master Delvaux is continuing to push the boundaries of its leather-working expertise by reinterpreting two of its most iconic bags using new craftsmanship techniques.


Focusing on the Leather D technique the 200-year-old house offers a unique treatment on the Brilliant and the Pin bags. Water jet-cut leather panels are intertwined with hand-sewn, D-shaped, delicate tiles of leather that add unexpected flexibility, movement, and fluidity.



The brand also explores the Enlaced technique by creating a delicate length of leather ‘lace’ for each bag, wrapping it in a serpentine-like fashion around the signature D-shaped buckle of the Cool Box Mini, and the emblematic buckle and curved handle of the Brillant PM.


The collection has been brought to life through a series of images of extraordinary women taken by South African photographer Koto Bolofo.



The Leather Mastery is now available at Delvaux stores globally.