Dior Collaborates with Qatari Artist Bouthayna Al Muftah for its Dior Lady Art Project

Lindsay Judge   |   19-12-2022

Dior has revealed the seventh edition of its Dior Lady Art project, collaborating with international artists that capture the essence of the Dior icon in their own way. For this edition, the Parisian house has collaborated with artists from as far afield as China and The United States.


In the Middle East, the brand has partnered with Qatari multi-disciplinary artist Bouthayna Al Muftah. Al Muftah who uses various types of media including painting, printmaking, conceptual installation and performative works, celebrates her culture and heritage through her creations.



Her practice stages the cultural heritage of her country through the archiving of elements from past traditions in order to preserve their memory. By reinterpreting her land’s people into abstract concepts Al Muftah resurrected moments from the past into a contemporary context.



For her reinvention of Lady Dior, Bouthayna Al Muftah called upon the art of typography and the creation of conceptual artist books to represent a poetic landscape related to her home country and Arab authors onto delicate shapes of silk chiffon.



These hand-embroidered pieces of fabric evoke the pages of history and memory etched onto a manuscript. Though not linguistically based, Bouthayna Al Muftah’s design brings together narratives symbolizing nostalgia and identity linked together by suspended threads underlining the intimate and universal character of art and fashion.