Ralph & Russo Presents a Capsule Collection in Partnership With Linda Farrow

Lindsay Judge   |   12-02-2021

Ralph & Russo has collaborated with eyewear brand Linda Farrow on a capsule collection of glasses as part of the SS21 collection.


Designed by Co-Founder and Creative Director of Ralph & Russo, Tamara Ralph, the capsule collection is comprised of two contemporary styles of sunglasses that capture the unique spirit of both brands.



Having partnered for Ralph & Russo’s most recent Spring- Summer 2020 and Autumn-Winter 2020 Ready-to-Wear shows, both of which featured several pieces from Linda Farrow on the runway, the collaboration was born organically as a result of the success and synergy both brands experienced by coming together for these special events.

The Robyn


This new collaboration brings together two family-owned companies, both with female founders, who share in an unwavering dedication to quality and creativity.

The Watson


In designing the sunglasses for this collaboration, Ralph wanted to capture the unique spirit of both brands in a way that is fresh and modern, as well as sculpted and polished, but still in keeping with house codes. Both styles; the ‘Robyn’ and ‘Watson’, explore unique shapes and framework, whilst incorporating the colours that have become iconic to Ralph & Russo and simultaneously paying homage to Farrow’s own affinity for vivid colours.


Available at Ralph & Russo stores across the region.