Colourful Chanel and Pretty-Pink Prada: The Summer Bags We’re Buying Right Now

Hayley Kadrou   |   06-05-2019

Holidays, beach trips and glorious days out during the summer season deserve to be accessorised with an equally fitting, summer-ready bag.


Antonello Tedde, Matches Fashion

Sophie Anderson bag

Sophie Anderson, Matches Fashion

moynat matches

Moynat, Matches Fashion

mizele net a porter

Mizele, Net-A-Porter

chanel large shopper

The revamped Chanel boutique will see clothe and accessories as well as beauty products

ULLA JOHNSON Keya mini beaded tote

Ullla Johnson, Net-A-Porter


Stella McCartney

Fendi summer bag

Fendi, Net-A-Porter

prada summer bag


2 Loewe 27

Loewe, Matches Fashion

dg bag summer


As the seasons change, so do our wants and needs when it comes to our most prized accessory – the handbag.


For our sun-blessed days out that we’ve got planned this year, we’re envisioning colourful totes, chic basket bags and wicker designs galore. And we’re in luck because designers from Stella McCartney to Chanel and Fendi have incorporated such designs into the summer collection.


From Chanel, we’re opting for the oversized colourful tote bag, while Fendi’s dark tones over summer fabrics have us captivated. But whether you’re packing your towel and sun protector or taking your mattifying power and floral scent of the moment on the go, we’ve picked out the perfect bags for the months ahead.


Stella McCartney, Matches fashion

Stella McCartney, Matches fashion


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