A&E Editorial: Roger Vivier Effortless Elegance

Eliza Scarborough   |   05-11-2017

This season the Roger Vivier woman is a delicious eccentric who embellishes her look with accessories inspired by decorative elements.


Soft Guipure Paillette Bag, Bootie Wallflower. All Roger Vivier


LEFT IMAGE: Bootie Podium Stripes

RIGHT IMAGE: Evening Box Bag, Mary Jane Podium Shoes.

All Roger Vivier


LEFT IMAGE: Viv’ Cabas Guipure Leopard Mini Bag, Derby Guipure Shoes

RIGHT IMAGE: Pilgrim de Jour Ottowoman Bag, Square Podium Ottowoman Shoes

All Roger Vivier


LEFT IMAGE: Viv’ Cabas Stripes Bag

RIGHT IMAGE: Viv’ Bag, Derby Guipure Shoes

All Roger Vivier


Viv’ Bag, Double Sneaky Viv’ Shoes. All Roger Vivier


Fashion Director: Eliza Scarborough

Photographer: Lezli and Rose

Hair and Make-up: Ian McIntosh at Carol Hayes

Model: Marizanne Visser at Marilyn

Location: Paris, France


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