Fatma AlHashimi The Founder of HASHIMI Discusses Her Contemporary Twist On Womenswear

Lindsay Judge   |   08-07-2024

Fatma Alhashimi founded her ready-to-wear fashion label in the UAE in 2016. She wanted to take a new approach to timeless pieces, offering a modern touch that blends contemporary design with a traditional silhouette.

Her collections focus on details, with a minimalist design and effortless sophistication achieved through her choice of luxurious materials and clean cuts. Alhashimi began designing at home after graduating from university in Dubai. She soon saw that her love for design could be more than just a passion, and after previously designing only for her friends and family, her client base grew and led to the establishment of HASHIMI. After selling her designs online, in 2019, Alhashimi opened her flagship boutique in Dubai’s Wasl51. It features a minimalist design and is home to the brand’s seasonal collections. The store also houses the atelier where Fatma designs the latest styles and where her production team brings them to life. Alhashimi’s designs are inspired by her love for nature and feature a subtle colour palette and sharp, clean shapes. Her latest collection features relaxed designs for summer that can be worn from day to night. Here, we find out more about the latest designs and the direction of the brand moving forward.

Tell us about your brand today and its vision and direction looking forward. 

Hashimi was founded in 2016 with the intention of creating a fashion label that challenges traditional offerings in the industry by fusing it with modern inspirations. I create minimalistic yet classic pieces for all occasions, and I want to continue in this direction, offering styles which are versatile with contemporary silhouettes. 

A few years ago, you opened your first store in Dubai – how has this supported the development of your brand? 

The opening of my store in Wasl 51 has strengthened the standing of my brand in the region. A reflection of my designs, the flagship store is a minimalistic and modern space where clients are welcomed to experience the quality and handiwork of my collections firsthand. This has bridged the gap between clients and the brand as it adds an experiential element to purchasing my pieces. 

Would you like to open additional stores? 

Yes, I would love to open more stores in the future. I believe that having a store has improved the relationship we have with clients as it makes the shopping experience with us much more personal. Opening additional stores in different areas would further build this relationship and help us serve a wider clientele. 

What is coming up for the brand this year? 

This year, we are exploring new designs like unique lace-inspired embroidery work that will elevate the craftsmanship of the pieces. 

How are you connecting with customers here in the UAE? 

Apart from our store acting as a space to connect with our customers in person, we connect with them through our social media as well as by hosting pop-up events. 

On an international level, where would you like to see your brand? 

I would love to see my brand on Net-A-Porter. 

What’s the biggest challenge you face with your brand today? 

One of the biggest challenges that I face is finding the right fabric supplier that fits my brand the best. This is because I am committed to sourcing the highest quality fabrics that reflect the luxurious quality and essence that Hashimi is known for. 

What would you still like to achieve with the brand that you haven’t done yet? 

I would love to have an in-house printer where we can print unique designs onto our fabrics, making our pieces very distinctive. 

What are you currently working on? 

We have just released co-ord pieces for kids featuring linen and light fabrics, just in time for the summer. 

What first inspired your passion for fashion design? 

Experimenting with different kinds of styles has always been a passion of mine that eventually led to me embarking on the journey to start my own fashion label. 

In this issue, we are celebrating Emirati Women’s Day – what makes you proud to be from the UAE? 

I am proud of the way that the UAE has grown so rapidly to become a place of opportunity, especially for women. 

What advice would you give to aspiring designers? 

I would advise them to keep pushing the boundaries and remain persistent in achieving their goals. 

Who is a woman who has inspired you throughout your career? 

My mother has always been my biggest inspiration and support as she has always stood by me. She plays a huge role in my success. 

What message would you send to our readers? 

I wish you a happy Emirati Women’s Day and I hope you take this day as an opportunity to understand our value in our society and how we can achieve any goal we set for ourselves.