La DoubleJ Reveals Its New Fall 2023 Collection in Milan

Lindsay Judge   |   11-03-2023

La DoubleJ unveiled its new ready-to-wear line “Awakening the Divine” in Milan as part of Milan Fashion Week.


Inspired by the brand and its founder J.J Martin’s deep connection and explorations through Egypt the colourful collection features rich embroideries, bold hues, intricate embellishments and eye-catching prints.


JJ Martin spent four weeks in Egypt last year as part of an ongoing spiritual quest. She was inspired by the magic and mysticism of the country that speaks to her soul, as well as the exceptional craftsmanship and talented artisans.



“The two trips I took to Egypt last year were life-changing and impacted me on a mental, physical and energetic, emotional and spiritual level.” Says J.J. Martin. “I’m always finding ways in which I can bridge what I learn in my spiritual practice with what I do every day at work. This is the most personal inspiration that I’ve ever brought to a collection.”


The ready-to-wear pieces feature bold colourful prints across the entire collection. Inspired by the river Nile as well as historical Egyptian landmarks, the eye-catching colours evoke joy and celebration. Many of the pieces are designed for day-to-night dressing with new silhouettes combining loose-fitting and body-skimming shapes.



The collection also features the brand’s largest and most luxurious suiting range. New styles such as the solid velvet jackets and feathered cuffs join printed, compact wool and jacquard brocade sets designed to be layered.


See more of the collection below: