Lorenzo Serafini, Creative Director of Philosophy Shares His Passion for Italy and Design

Lindsay Judge   |   05-05-2020

Established by Alberta Ferretti, Philosophy was an opportunity to create an ethereal feminine lifestyle that captured the contemporary woman of today. It is a brand that is synonymous with romance and bohemian style.


Lorenzo Serafini joined Philosophy in 2014 after heading up the womenswear department at Roberto Cavalli. He is inspired by the many cultures of the world and the different women he meets. He loves to express a woman’s sensuality through his designs and has successfully done that over the past six years of leading the brand. Sera ni draws inspiration from female icons (both past and present) for his designs, many of which are the legendary Italian women who have helped to define the idea of Italian elegance.


His Spring/summer 2020 collection was inspired by Monaco and the jet-set lifestyle. Bringing together elements that he discovered during his travels. Here we discover that no matter where he goes and whom he meets, it is his home country that is the real source of inspiration for this designer.


What does Italy mean to you and how would you describe it through your eyes?

Italy means art, culture, history, tradition and creativity. Thought my eyes Italy is my home, my family and my brand; Philosophy.


Spring/Summer 2020


Tell us more about the importance of the “Made in Italy” and why do you think there is such a fascination with this concept globally?

Made in Italy is the creativity and savoir-faire that made our country a destination for fashion, design, automotive and culture in general. I truly believe that there’s a real charm behind made in Italy that is made possible by the Italian love for working. Maybe this love comes from the Romans? What a glorious past Italy had!


What do you think Italian brands offer that no one else does?

Creativity anchored to the roots of the country. We do it better because we use the past to teach us.


How do you think the values and culture of Italy are seen throughout Philosophy?

I have always tried to give a very international point of view to Philosophy but now that I am at home and reading books by many Italian authors and watching old Italian movies I am also reflecting on the Italian side of my brand. Italian icons like Isabella Rossellini, Monica Vitti, Mina and Patty Pravo all live in the clothes I’ve designed in the past ve years. They are creating the right attitude for the brand: an Italian essence with a jet-setter touch.


Spring/Summer 2020


Italy has suffered greatly throughout the global pandemic we are currently experiencing and Philosophy has been very generous in its donations to support the crisis – how have you seen the fashion industry has come together to support those in need during this time?

I was overwhelmed to see such generosity and I think we all made the donations in a very natural way. When my friend Chiara Ferragani told me about a great crowdfunding project she was organising I wanted to support her. Using her huge popularity to raise awareness for building a hospital is amazing and I’m proud to consider her a great friend.


When all of this is over what do you expect to see from the recovery of this crisis?

I hope to see more respect between humans and more respectful of nature.


They say in every crisis there is always an opportunity – what is something positive that will come out of this situation?

Technology will be the key for all the positive sides whether it’s related to health or business.


When all of this is over will you be changing any of the strategies of the brand and has it had an impact on how you will move forward?

I will have to. As of today, I can’t imagine a fashion show with 500 people in a room. Where would the social distancing be? Brands will need to focus on what it is extremely important and key to them. Not on useless activities.


Spring/Summer 2020


Do you think it will impact the buying behaviour of customers?

For sure. Before buying we will all ask ourselves at least ten times: do I need it, now, at this moment?


Do you think the concept of runway shows are still as important as they used to be?

Yes, I think they are fundamental to show a great emotion but the format needs to change accordingly to the timing.


Can you tell us about your creative process as a designer and what inspires you?

My creative process starts at home with my books and the old magazines I collect. Or it could be while I’m travelling and meeting people I don’t know. As of today, I need to stay safe. Thanks to Instagram I have great help. Once you know how to use it intelligently, you discover many never seen images and even old images!


What would you still like to achieve with the brand that you haven’t done yet?

I would have loved this question three months ago! Now I can only answer that I hope to be able to still show to the Philosophy lovers all my energy and passion for fashion.


We want to talk about the spring/summer collection – what can you tell us about it?

This collection is a mix of two personalities: a rebel and a romantic. Both have a French “je ne sais quoi” attitude that I adore. The location I imagined is Monte-Carlo, a place that made was the original home of the jet-set lifestyle. I have also created a playlist on the Philosophy Spotify channel dedicated to this atmosphere. I suggest you go and listen to it.


Who is the Philosophy woman today?

She is a woman without age who loves to be accidentally beautiful and charming for every occasion without being overdressed.


What is your first memory of Italy?

Days spent on the beach near my house. I was born in a seaside town on the Adriatic Riviera that was very cool in the 80s that’s full of tourists, international women, shopping places and disco clubs. I have always loved my hometown Riccione because it gave me a lot of energy during my teenage years.


Spring/Summer 2020


Where in Italy do you like to travel to relax?

In Italy, I love to fly to Sicily and Venice. These are the two places where I can spend days walking, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the glorious past of our country.


If you could visit another time and place to immerse yourself in its style and culture, when and where would that be?

I would love to live in Paris at the age of Louis XIV. It would be such an awesome experience full of art, gossips and love.


Can you share with us any Italian traditions that you to this day continue with your family and friends?

Sunday lunch. I have lunch with my family every Sunday. There are no excuses.


What’s your favourite Italian dish to eat?

Fish! Fresh tuna and grilled shrimps are my favourites. And the dessert that I can’t resist is Tiramisu.


What’s your favourite Italian phrase?

Buon appetite.


How would you describe Italy in one word?




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