Loro Piana Has Unveiled Its Fall-Winter 2025-2026 Yarn Collection

Emma Hodgson   |   01-07-2024

Italian luxury house Loro Piana recently unveiled its Fall-Winter 2025-2026 Yarn Collection at Pitti Filati in Florence.

The house describes the new collection as “an ode to the icy landscapes of the North, their snowy peaks and the beauty of the boreal forest.”

In the notes which accompanied the collection, the house explained “the new carded and combed yarns, conceived by the Maison offer warmth and protection from the cold while guaranteeing a unique sensorial experience, represent the quintessence of the outdoor life. The colours and motifs are inspired by the traditional clothing and wooden huts of local people, with their rich history and authentic costumes.” 

An emblem of Loro Piana savoir-faire, the iconic Wish® combed wool, obtained from lots of merino of fineness comparable to the best cashmere, realises new expressive heights thanks to a clever blend of tradition and creativity. 

In the new Wish® Glow, a dual-component “cut” yarn with a unique visual depth, 85% wool creates a furry, dynamic and full effect, while 15% silk stands out with longer, thinner hair on the wool ground. 

The result is knitwear with an inventive surface and great luminosity, always elegant and never dull, ideal for eye-catching outerwear pieces that are voluminous yet light. 

Perfect for women’s knitwear, Cashmohair, enriches Loro Piana’s combed yarn range with a touch of softness. Here, cashmere (70%) is blended with mohair (30%) to create a three-dimensional, slightly ruched and luminous texture. 

The new Fall Winter 2025-2026 Yarn Collection epitomizes once again the maison’s passion for the noblest natural fibres, offering yarns of uncompromising quality made with extreme craftsmanship, which always give an exceptional look and feel.