Mach&Mach Founders Nina and Gvantsa Macharashvili Discuss The Future Of The Brand

Lindsay Judge   |   14-02-2024

When the Mach & Mach double bow heels started to appear on the feet of fashion insiders and influencers a few years ago, they immediately caught the attention of women in the Middle East.

Desperate to know what this unusually bold yet feminine brand was, women were quick to discover the relatively new brand that was about to bring sparkle to the region. 

Georgian sisters Nina and Gvantsa Macharashvili founded their brand Mach & Mach, in 2012. Their creativity and passion for design were the driving forces behind their idea to bring a new kind of luxury brand to the market. The gamble paid off and now, 12 years later, Mach & Mach has become a highly successful brand, with products now available at Harvey Nichols Dubai, as well as many e-commerce sites in the region.

As the industry has developed over the past decades, the sister duo have always been one step ahead, determined to impress their loyal client base time and time again. With an element of fairytale to their designs and that all-important sparkle, their products have become a go-to feel-good fashion essential. As the Spring/summer 2024 collection arrives in the UAE, we were of the first to see the latest pieces, as well as talk to Founders Nina and Gvantsa. 

Tell us about your vision and direction for Mach & Mach in 2024.

Nina: With each collection, we try to develop new, interesting pieces, and we do a lot of research to bring strong, beautiful items to life. For this collection we were inspired by mermaids, bringing them from the sea to our world. We developed special colours and structures for this season and its visually very strong. 

Gvantsa: To add, with regards to direction, we see the brand as a full 360 brand and we are trying to develop each sector a lot and we try to structure the company in this way. In 2024 I think customers will feel a lot of newness from us. There are a lot of projects coming up and its very exciting. 

Tell us about the brand here in the Middle East.

N: We love our customers in the Middle East because theyre fashion-forward, they know what is interesting, new and fresh. Our brand is still young and upcoming and we find out customers here in the Middle East love this and we really appreciate that. It is inspirational.

G: I think women in the Middle East have loved the brand since the beginning and the warmth that they gave to us is really precious and we appreciate that a lot. Women in the Middle East really understand luxury products and high-quality products. Its really special for us to be here in the region and to be celebrating our latest collection with Harvey Nichols Dubai. 

How did the idea for the brand come about and how do you work together as a team?

N: We launched in 2012 and since then we have developed from a start-up brand to what we are today. Its been a really amazing journey. We are both very creative and in search of new ideas for our collections. We have very different points of view but we love to challenge each other and combine our ideas to create something in the middle. 

G: Its a very interesting process and even though we have very different tastes, it has never been difficult for us to work harmoniously. In the end, we understand each other and it gives us an opportunity to see things from different angles. I think it also gives our products some diversity. 

Whats been the biggest challenge so far? 

G: When you are a new brand its difficult to grow and develop your business but its a reality we understand and we are always ready for challenges. Sometimes in life, you have to overcome obstacles in order to grow yourself. If you want to be a brand in the luxury segment you have to have high-quality products, high-quality production, a great relationship with your customers, the right partners, and season to season you have to have new creative ideas. Without these obstacles, though its impossible to grow, so we try to do our best with every collection and continue to develop and create. 

You have grown from a start-up company to where you are now in very little time, how do you keep that momentum moving forward and how do you keep up with customer demand?

N: Youre right, the growth was really rapid. Even from 2020 to today we have grown a lot. We launched a factory, a showroom in Milan, we extended a lot worldwide. Its difficult because there are a lot of challenges and thats why we try to structure each category very well and we try to find the best people with the best experience who can produce to the best quality. We try to do our best in terms of creativity and all together this makes a difference. 

How do you keep the creativity going and where do you go for inspiration?

N: With each collection we try to be in the present moment and think about what the world needs. Then we start to research the materials, whats going on in the world, and colours, its a huge process to bring our products to life. With each product we do many trials – we try them ourselves and it is not an easy process. 

The brand has a very recognisable identity with the double bow motif, how do you continue to keep that but reinvent the products each season? 

N: The brand is very recognisable youre right and we have had our signature double bow since the very beginning, but we try to extend the categories and somehow fulfil a wider type of customer. We launched a lot of newness recently which we will see very soon in the market, but at the same time, its really important to stay true to your roots and to keep going with what you believe in. So extend step by step but keep your identity. 

Tell us about the ready-to-wear category and where youre heading with that. 

G: We know we are famous for our shoes, but our ready-to-wear is also very important for us because the company started with ready-to-wear. So its a really special direction for us and we hope to develop it further and achieve a high level of quality and requests from the market. 

Who is your customer today? 

N: Its a really special girl who is fashion-forward, a risk-taker, young, cool, and she wants to find new interesting things all the time. Shes not afraid to express herself and to be bold. 

What are the professional mottos that you live by?

G: Bring interesting, new and fresh ideas to the world. Bring something special that doesn’t already exist. This is a huge motivation for me. 

N: The most interesting part of designing is to be involved in this constant process of searching for something new, then when you find that its a beautiful moment. We want to create unique products to make our clients stand out from others. 

Where do you go to get inspired?

G: Inspiration comes from everywhere – the street, architecture, movies, travel – when we are working on a collection we do as much research as we can and then we sit down and think about what we are most passionate about. In the end, I think our collections are always inspired by a reflection of the light and this phenomenon and when you see our products you find that they are always sparkly and shiny and they reflect the light. Our vision was always to bring light and sparkle into peoples lives. 

What advice would you give to aspiring designers who would like to set up their own luxury fashion business? 

G: Always do something that you are passionate about. 

What are your favourite pieces in this collection? 

N: We have a few favourites – the basic double bow is always a favourite and this season we created it in a new shape with a round toe. Its more of a timeless shape and we love it. Its important to keep this double symbol throughout our brand to represent both of us as sisters and it also highlights the meaning of our collections of togetherness and infinity.

As designers, what would be your style recommendations?

G: Always have some very classic pieces but pair them with something a little bit special.