Max Mara Takes Sustainability to the Next Level With its CameLuxe Project

Lindsay Judge   |   24-12-2019

In today’s environment being sustainable is on top of every major fashion brand’s agenda. The amount of waste in the fashion industry has become out of control and fashion houses are looking for new ways to reduce the amount of leftover material when producing products – one of the biggest causes of waste within the design process.


At Max Mara the design team has taken an “upcycling” approach with its new CameLuxe material. CameLuxe is a unique material that is made from re-vamping waste to create an insulating pad which can be used as a lining in the brand’s designs.


The whole process involved three steps. Firstly, recovered and discarded materials are gathered from the manufacturers in Italy. These unwanted materials are then transformed through a mechanic process into very fine fibres. The fibres are then blended with recycled polyester, creating a high-performing insulating mix. The process of manufacture in less impactful in terms of energy consumption, waste production, water usage and CO2 emission.



Cameluxe has been used in 11 styles of the Max Mara The Cube spring/summer 2020 collection. The Cube collection concentrates on the research of innovation, creating modern designs that are made in a way that is much less harmful to the environment. The collection is designed for today’s modern woman and includes features such as being transformable, reversible and able to be worn in a number of ways.


The Cameluxe project is carried out under the Global Recycling Standard, a certification promoted by Textile Exchange, an established non-profit institution, that for over 15 years has been supporting responsible and sustainable product development in the textile industry, and ICEA, a national non-profit institution that certifies that organisations operate in line with sustainable standards for the environment and for people.




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