Milan Fashion Week Day Two: Highlights From the Fall/Winter 2023 Shows

Lindsay Judge   |   24-02-2023

Highlights from the second day of the Fall/Winter 2023 shows in Milan.



Max Mara



Max Mara travelled back in time to the turbulent, tumultuous eighteenth century when everyone was trying to make sense of the world. Creative Director Ian Griffiths was inspired by Émilie du Châtelet; the free-spirited Marquise whose philosophical magnum opus set the tone for rational thinking during the Enlightenment. The collection features rich brocade fabrics, side-hoops, bustier and chemises, executed with sharp Newtonian precision and paired with minimalistic turtlenecks and chunky boots. Pannier skirts, above the knee, or ankle length, feature anachronistic drawstrings and sporty pockets





Prada’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons reconceptualizes, reconsiders and ultimately rediscovers ideas of beauty. Twisting the rules of fashion on its head, uniforms are transformed into elegant eveningwear while elegant dresses become everyday attire. Cocooning volumes re-shape classic tailored outerwear, while wide proportions are juxtaposed with a slim silhouette.


Emporio Armani



The Emporio Armani Fall/Winter 2023 collection “Circus of Life” sets the stage for a style journey of modern elegance. Small hats, asymmetrically buttoned jackets and evening tops are reminiscent of stage clothes reimagined in the Armani way. It features light and sleek shapes and materials for an elegant yet refined offering.






Moschino’s Fall 2023 collection uses Salvador Dalí-esque surrealism and aristo-punk flair to deliver a new twist on the house’s iconic aesthetic. From oversized spikes to all-over bijoux to morphing hemlines: This season is all about drama with distortion.