Miu Miu Reveals A Crochet-focused Collection For Summer 2024

Emma Hodgson   |   30-06-2024

Crochet has seen soaring popularity in recent years. For Miu Miu’s latest collection, the house has championed several key pieces dedicated to the design style for Summer 2024. 

Miu Miu’s commitment to the expression of timeless beauty and redefinition of archetypal clothing continues for the new collection which celebrates the allure of bourgeois restraint and eternal elegance, all through a contemporary eye.

Discussing the new collection, the house said: “A rebellious and dishevelled sense of chic undermines the polished perfection of traditional summertime ensembles – linen slips, twinsets, Vichy checks, chambray denims, floral tea dresses, clean-cut cotton shirts and tailoring, technical nylons, jersey polo tops and tennis skirts. Traces of the imperfect – of the human and purposefully incorrect – are embraced alongside. The power of the unique and individual is allowed to shine.”