One On One With Lebanese Designer Saiid Kobeisy

Dana Mortada   |   11-04-2018

Lebanese designer Saiid Kobeisy’s love and appreciation for fashion was mainly triggered at his teenage years. His father ran a boutique in Beirut, selling evening dresses; this is where Kobeisy spent most of his free time to interact with the customers and enjoyed giving them styling advice in the most appropriate sense.


Years later, he followed his passion and pursed a degree in Fashion Design, and finally soon after he officially launched his very own couture label in 2002, the first Saiid Kobeisy atelier in Beirut.


Famous for his cascading silhouettes, dramatic cuts and glamorous handcrafted details, we caught up with the designer to find out more about what truly made him turn his passion into a career, and what sets him apart from other couturiers and much more.



How would you describe your aesthetic? Has it evolved over time?

The Saiid Kobeisy aesthetic is a striking mélange of opposites, where the modern meets the classic, the sensual softens the bold, and the unexpected twist makes a lasting impression. Unlike the cuts, colors, and characteristics of every collection that continuously evolve from season to season, the Saiid Kobeisy aesthetic remains unchanged.


What made you want to start a journey in fashion?

My father had a boutique for evening gowns. As a teenager, whenever I had a free moment, I would intervene with the customers to give them the advice that I thought was appropriate. It was my passion and I had an eye for it, as they say. I did not want to do anything else in life. I studied fashion design and when I felt ready, I started my own Couture House.



Do you tend to design with a certain woman or character in mind?

I design for the woman who is not afraid to leave her mark and effortlessly turns heads while fearlessly strutting down her path.


What are your favorite fabrics/ embellishments to work with?

Lace Chantilly and brocade.


What unexpected things inspired the SS 18 collection?

The Couture SS18 collection by the title “Tales from the East” is inspired by the most royal and regal of birds, the Manchurian Crane that makes it spring voyage to China every year. The crane is revered in ancient myths as a symbol of elegance, purity, and nobility and admired for its untiring strength; all qualities that are beautifully translated in the collection’s Feather-encrusted robes, fluttering layers, and colors like fiery red, jet black and whisper white.


What advice can you give the bride-to-be when choosing a wedding dress?

I would advise the bride of today to choose the dress that best reflects her personality, style, and identity.


Three words to describe the Saiid Kobeisy world?

Sensual, bold, sophisticated.



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