Oud fashion Talks is Returning to Kuwait This May

Lindsay Judge   |   08-05-2023

After a successful first year in 2022, Oud Fashion Talks will return to Kuwait this May, bringing together fashion experts and power players who have contributed to the region’s fashion scene.


The event will consist of a series of panels and discussions that aim to spark conversation about some of the industry’s key issues and topics.


This year’s key themes will focus on sustainable fashion and its importance and create a bridge between Kuwait and the international world of luxury. By highlighting the challenges of the region’s fashion and creative industry, Oud Fashion Talks hopes to bring together a community of creatives and encourage investments in local designers.



“Kuwait has always been a hub for art and creativity, particularly in the fashion sector. With the evolution and openness in the region, it’s high time for new initiatives to emerge. This motivation drives us to keep up with the industry’s changing landscape,” says Zainab AlAbdulrazzaq, Founder of Oud Fashion Talks.

This year’s edition of Oud Fashion Talks will take place from May 10th to 12th.