OVS x PIOMBO Launches Their Fall/Winter 2023 Collection

Emma Hodgson   |   02-11-2023

OVS and Massimo Piombo have continued their collaboration this season with the unveiling of their FW23 collection. 

Introducing an exciting surprise for men this season, Massimo Piombo, known for his avant-garde use of colour, presents a new interpretation of “classic” centred around a palette of greys, whites, and beiges. 

These shades complement the collection’s blue velvet pea coats, cable sweaters, flannel pants, camel coats, and twilled blazers, giving birth to a “premium” look suitable for offices and beyond.

The collection includes “wear-anywhere” sheepskin, soft-shade sweaters, a variety of flannel and velvet shirts, work jackets, a cloth parka, Prince of Wales check and houndstooth coats in elegant grey-black or brown-camel, checkered patterns, and oversized shoes. Native American blanket styles inspire heritage patterns, and coordinated jackets, coats, and gilets create the epitome of sophistication in men’s fashion.

For women, PIOMBO embraces the concept of timelessness, featuring a range of references and ideas perfectly suited for the upcoming season and further on. PIOMBO’s designs are not just about fashion; they embody beauty, style, and an element of surprise. The collection begins with a dazzling “preview,” offering a glimpse of new items designed for starry nights and special occasions, from summer to New Year’s Eve. 

Massimo Piombo, founder of PIOMBO said: “My stories are all about life reflected in chunky knits, blazers, jackets, coats, trousers. Items with bags of personality to interpret as you feel, using your own cultural references. It’s a collection that looks to the idea of beauty, taking Europe, and its northern isles, France, and Ireland as its references. A journey through time, with Byzantine details and modern research into materials and solutions. Looking for a new aesthetic that adds to life’s charm, making it easier too, with pieces you can wear on a whole range of occasions. It’s an alternative, purely sensual vision of style.”

The PIOMBO in OVS FW23 collection is currently available to shop at the OVS stores across the region.