Paris Fashion Week: Chanel Spring/Summer 2022 Haute Couture

Lindsay Judge   |   26-01-2022

Chanel presented its Spring/Summer 2022 Haute Couture collection in Paris on 25th January 2022.


To the surprise of the audience, Charlotte Casiraghi, a princess of Monaco and granddaughter of Hollywood icon Grace Kelly, opened the Chanel Spring/Summer 2022 show by riding a horse down the runway. A known rider, she was riding her own horse, Kuskus while wearing a Chanel jacket made of black tweed and sequins to the delight of the audience at the Grand Palais.


Charlotte Casiraghi


Casiraghi was reiterating the theme of this season’s collection as set in place by Virginie Viard. That Chanel (even Haute Couture), can be worn for any occasion.


The show’s décor which was the basis for Viard’s inspiration for this collection was created by French artist and sculpture Xavier Veilhan who is a close friend of Casiraghi and also uses horses within his artistic universe. Together with musician Sébastien Tellier who was performing live at the show using oversized instruments imagined by Veilhan, the three came together to form a close family around this collection presentation.


The collection itself was as always, very Chanel, very French, very Haute Couture, but it had a distinct sense of modernism to it. A feeling of freedom, of going beyond the boundaries of couture as we know it. Contrasting the ultra-elegant with the real to create something that women truly want and will wear today in all aspects of their lives.



The geometric lines of the scenography were reflected in the looks; Virginie Viard explains: “These geometric shapes made me want contrasts, a great lightness and a lot of freshness: ethereal dresses that float as if suspended. Lots of flounces, fringes, macramé, bright lace, iridescent tweeds, colourful jewelled buttons.”


This was juxtaposed with feminine accents. A pink tweed jacket with white stripes, straps composed of white braid embroidered with beads or silver chains, two- tone Mary-Janes with heels inspired by the 1920s revisited via the 1980s. Geometric embroidery brought together these feminine and graphic elements.



All of the House of Chanel’s embroidery partners collaborated on this collection, “one of whose key pieces is a dress entirely embroidered by Lesage with constructivist camellias in black, white and coral beads, worn with a little black jacket”, Virginie Viard explained concluding: “These references also belong to Gabrielle Chanel, of course. It’s like a conversation that crosses time.”


See more of the collection below: