London Fashion Week AW17: Christopher Kane

Dana Mortada   |   21-02-2017

One of London’s most tactical designers, Christopher Kane, showcased an appealing collection mixed with numerous features that produced an eclectic yet fantastic show at Tate Britain Museum.

Combining space-age techniques with historic design elements, Kane wanted to express this season a “tougher femininity,” inspired in part by female factory uniforms, “looking at abstract shaped, hard angles, and sharp jags.” The designer expanded his range with a magical touch, using light feminine silks and Asian motifs, including a neoclassical pink-hued floral design that appeared on many dress pieces.

There was a lot of new wearable fashion, everything from the fabrics, the colors, to the hard-edged designs. Another winning category for Kane was knitwear; cardigans were trimmed with mother of pearl buttons, while sweaters featured a row of pockets down the sleeves, of what the designer named “OCD pockets” and for evening wear knit dresses covered in metallic hologram.

We all remember Kane’s collaboration with Crocs last season; once again the designer raised the comfy footwear flag, unveiling a revived Crocs design lined with mink fur and slingback sandals padded with huge multicolored squares of foam that looked oddly comfortable.