Saudi Brand RAMZEN Hosts An Exclusive Fashion Show In Diriyah

Lindsay Judge   |   14-11-2023

Diriyah, the cultural capital of Saudi Arabia, hosted its first-ever arts and fashion exhibition last month, with a host of showcases showing the best of art and design as well as highlighting the tradition and culture of the region.

Diriyah Company partnered with renowned international Saudi Designer Abdulrahman Al-Romaizan, (founder and creative director of RAMZEN) to present an extraordinary fusion of art and fashion in Bujairi Terrace, the region’s premier dining destination overlooking the majestic UNESCO World Heritage Site of At-Turaif, and the verdant Wadi Hanifah.

The show featured RAMZEN’s latest collection, which was inspired by the beauty and culture of Diriyah and its rich heritage. “This haute couture collection features 60 looks inspired by the history, art and beautiful elements that are showcased within Diriyah. It is a celebration of the past, incorporating old Saudi techniques and aspects of traditional Saudi dress, but these influences were reinterpreted in ways that have never been seen before.” Said Al Romaizan. “Some looks feature visual components inspired by At-Turaif, the City of Earth. The colours of this singular landscape are woven into many of the designs. At the same time, half of the collection is contemporary and timeless, with Saudi patterns and lovely Najdi style subtly incorporated in these one-of-a-kind fashion statements with international appeal.” He added.

The collection was crafted in Italy, using the finest materials, hand-sewn by expert artisans. “RAMZEN is wearable art for thinkers, risk- takers and romantics. We are a global brand that believes fashion unites us, and we strive to create designs that appeal to fashion lovers worldwide. Our international following is a gift that gives us insights into the fashion dreams and desires of a diverse audience. While the City of Earth Collection resonates with Saudi fans of the brand in particular, the designs are contemporary and have broad appeal far beyond the region.” Al Romaizan added.

The festival also saw a week-long art exhibition at Bujairi Terrace, which included a collection of creative artworks of Saudi designers. The exhibition was in collaboration with Athr Gallery and was complemented by a musical performance by Saudi artists, who played a selection of distinctive melodies and musical pieces amidst an atmosphere that blended the essence of Diriyah’s rich culture and heritage with the artistic creations of Saudi talents.

The partnership represents a shared commitment to promoting local talent, fostering innovation, and strengthening the position of Saudi Arabia as a global fashion hub.