Schiaparelli Fall/Winter 2020-21 Haute Couture, a Collection of Dreams

Lindsay Judge   |   07-07-2020

Schiaparelli gave an insight into its latest Haute Couture creations via a video staring Artistic Director Daniel Roseberry.

Schiaparelli’s Artistic Director Daniel Roseberry found himself in lockdown in New York after what was supposed to be a short visit. After many weeks taking in the environment around him, he began to sketch the would be Haute Couture Fall/Winter collection.



He wrote: “Everyone has their own lockdown story, some harrowing, some tragic, some utterly lonely.  The luckiest of us have been able to spend this time in nature, far removed from city life. My own experience was shared with millions of other Manhattanites: It was privileged, but nothing extraordinary. What was extraordinary, however, was the ability to walk into Washington Square Park on a Monday morning and sketch out an entire Couture collection.”



Roseberry decided to start sketching around the end of June. He went to a local park bench in Manhattan and let his pencil run free taking in the environment around him.



“Everything has changed, but imagination, and the drive to create, has never been more relevant, or more profound.” He said. “This collection is a tribute to that impulse to create. It’s also why the world of Schiaparelli has never felt more reflective of our time.  Elsa’s commitment to the surreal, her fascination with inverting our everyday reality, has never been more timely. This collection is full of tributes to her work and her obsessions, done in my way, on new terms.”



For now, the pieces are yet to be made, they are simply a vision of what will become, however on his return to Paris Roseberry has pledged to facilitate the production of a portion of the looks for valued clients…



He finished with the statement; “imagination and dreams can be profound, but they are even more so when they guide us into action. Without putting our dreams into practice, these abstractions would be denied their ultimate power.”


For now, we can dream of what will be.