See Zegna’s New 232 Brand Values Campaign

Fiona Lee   |   10-05-2022

Italian menswear brand Zegna launches its new campaign in honour of Oasi Zegna and the iconic route 232.


In the 1930s, the founder of the brand, Ermenegildo Zegna built a road stretching across 44.5 kilometres, linking to Oasi Zegna, a natural area in the Province of Biella, Italy. This road, the 232, is the inspiration behind the house’s latest brand values campaign and celebrates their Fall/Winter 2022 collection: ‘A Path Worth Taking’.


The campaign introduces Oasi Zegna as the home of the brand’s values and 232 as a family of visionaries, connected by a shared set of principles and a progressive vision for the future.


The faces of the campaign are musician Marracash, actor Isaac Hempstead Wright and movement director Yagamoto, who are united in their courage to set new directions and lead change.


“I do not know where my path is taking me. And this is the most beautiful aspect. The more you are afraid, the more it means you have to follow the path” said Marracash.



The 232 is celebrated by acknowledging that the journey is more important than the destination. These passionate people reinforce this theory and are engaged in the present, embracing an attitude that is conscious, curious, and empathetic.


The campaign features candid film moments that shine a spotlight on the dynamic personalities of the three men and their sense of style. It tells personal stories and viewpoints to illuminate the beauty that is found when we move through life with intention and are deliberately driven by a strong sense of purpose.



The campaign also features the new iconic Zegna 232 brand mark, a graphic representation of the road and a powerful symbol charting their journey forward.