The Balenciaga Hacker Project Will Soon Be In Stores

Lindsay Judge   |   08-11-2021


From 15th November 2021 Balenciaga will launch the Hacker Project series, a collection of products that reinterprets Gucci’s iconic codes.


Not a partnership but instead coined a “hack” this unique project first saw a collection of cross-branded looks that bring together the DNA of Balenciaga and Gucci.

The Hacker Project will launch with a series of Balenciaga pop-up and pop-in stores covering 74 physical spaces around the world.


The pop-up stores will include special activations and exclusives that transform the area, as well as featuring ready-to-wear pieces, bags, accessories and cases.

Some of Balenciaga’s signature architectural elements such as logo-shaved carpet, velvet stage curtains, and weathered metal will be reimagined for the launch, while carpets and curtains are etched with a classic Gucci all-over print, but with double-Bs subbed in for double-Gs.


Aluminium displays are stained with acid to mimic scrubbed graffiti. Store windows are tagged in the graffiti style with “GUCCI.”


See the collection globally in stores and pop-up boutiques from November 15th 2021.