The Founder Of AMARAH Womenswear Discusses Inspiration and FW23

Lara Mansour   |   11-09-2023

Arwa Alkadi founded her womenswear brand AMARAH in 2019 after realising her passion for design.

With a background in finance, the Saudi-based designer decided to give up her corporate career and take her passion to the next level. Using her finance knowledge and innate design talent, she launched her brand with a vision of portraying new-age romance through a contemporary lens. Arwa’s designs combine traditional silhouettes with contemporary designs, making them wearable for all women, whether she dresses modestly or is looking for something that will push the boundaries of fashion. Her designs celebrate bold femininity with an elevated spirit. 

Arwa’s latest collection, “The Drop”, will launch this fall, and as the designer prepares to reveal her latest looks, we caught up with her to find out more about the launch and her vision for the future of the brand. 

Tell us about the vision of your brand and how it came to life?

I envisioned creating a contemporary brand that builds an elegant, modern wardrobe. Amarah came to life when I realised it was possible to pursue my dreams towards my passion for style and fashion and inner creativity.

Who is the Amarah woman?

The Amarah woman gracefully captivates a blend of femininity and unconventional style, exuding a unique and powerful allure.

How would you describe your designs?

My designs embody an understated aesthetic and aura through elevated silhouettes, luxurious fabrics, and refined details. With immense attention to detail, I strive to create a harmonious fusion that captivates and inspires.

What can you tell us about the latest collection?

Our latest collection, aptly named “The Drop,” is a captivating capsule collection featuring limited edition pieces, including exclusive pieces from the Saudi Cup. The name not only represents the concept of a curated selection but also symbolises the graceful descent of water, which is intricately woven into the designs. The collection exudes the essence of aquatic life, adorned with delicate seashells and other marine elements, truly capturing the enchanting allure of the ocean. 

What made you decide to turn your passion for fashion into a career?

I have a background in finance, which gave me great insight into how to run a business; however, fashion has always been a part of my identity. My experience in finance and my love for art and design helped me map out how I could turn my passion into a brand that evokes effortless elegance with a powerful aesthetic. 

What do you make of the fashion and design industry in Saudi Arabia today?

The fashion and design industry in Saudi Arabia is evolving rapidly, driven by a pool of talented creatives who are not afraid to challenge conventions and explore new horizons. With a blend of cultural heritage, innovation, and global influences, Saudi designers are making a mark on the international fashion stage and contributing to the growth and vibrancy of the industry. 

How do you think events such as Saudi 100 Brands are helping to showcase regional talent?

Events like Saudi 100 Brands are instrumental in showcasing our rich and diverse regional talent and providing local designers with visibility and recognition in the global fashion industry. They offer a much-needed platform for Saudi designers to display their unique perspectives, cultural influences, and artistic prowess, creating opportunities for collaborations and business expansion.

What more would you like to see being done to support upcoming designers in the region?

To provide emerging designers with opportunities and exposure to showcase their work on international platforms, and access to industry networks and leaders to help them establish the brands beyond the perception of being solely a modest brand.

What is your current and planned retail strategy for AMARAH?

Our retail strategy focuses on establishing a strong local presence while strategically expanding our reach internationally. We aim to increase brand visibility and accessibility through partnerships with reputable retailers.

Who are some brands or designers that inspire you?

I am inspired by Maria Grazia Chiuri, the women’s Creative Director of Dior. Chanel, Prada, and Elie Saab also inspire me as all these designers remain timeless in their work yet invite a sense of never-ending discovery.