This UAE Designer Has Launched its Fall/Winter 2020 Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   26-07-2020

Dubai based fashion brand Serrb has launched its autumn/winter collection in time for Eid.


Featuring classic silhouettes, updated with modern twists and colours, this collection combines the best of East and West. Strong graphic lines and oversized fluid shapes make these pieces perfect for a celebration.



Working with classic designs in mind, the Aw20 collection boasts an array of modest silhouettes reimagined in modern cuts; catering to every woman’s way of styling.



Serrb’s contemporary aesthetic is brought to life through the Autumn/Winter 2020 collection, which exhibits an artistic take on the simple element of a line, that takes its full form when worn.



This collection is feminine and classic yet somehow designed for today’s modern woman who’s looking for something different and unique.


Best of all? By investing in this collection you’ll be supporting local designers.