Timeless Tailoring: Giorgio Armani’s Classic Tailoring Enters a New Generation

Lindsay Judge   |   08-02-2021

Giorgio Armani has defined a generation of tailoring with his chic, sharp designs for both men and women.


Tailoring has always been at the core of the designer’s creations; “I suppose at heart I am a tailor. But a radical one.” Said Giorgio Armani. “The starting point for me as a designer was observing the world around me. I saw men wearing rigid jackets that concealed the body, imprisoning it in a certain sense. I was looking for the exact opposite: clothes that created ease of movement and comfort. That’s how I came to create my first unstructured jacket in the mid-‘70s, ridding it of lining and padding. The removal of all rigidity to discover an unexpected naturalness was somewhat of a revolution”



“I created jackets with simple yet soft shapes that allowed free and natural movement, like a second skin. In a sense this has been the foundation of my life’s work, and it informs my work with couture too. How do I create a couture garment that looks spectacularly elegant, but is also effortless and comfortable to wear? That, as they say, is the question. And every collection, I am in search of the answer.”



This season he reinterprets some of the key codes of the house bringing classic tailoring into the 21st century with the Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2021 collections titled “Timeless Thoughts”. In a video documentary that preceded the SS21 show in Milan, the narrator Italian actor Pierfrancesco Favino, presented an emotional edit of images and memories from the House’s archives highlighting the timelessness of Armani’s designs and dazzling consistent style. These memories and iconic designs lead us through to today with a collection that highlights the consistency and timeless style of the House, but also the unique ability to always be relevant yet fluid and consistent.



The language of Giorgio Armani has evolved over time but the brand has always stayed true to its roots. Mr Amani believes in the elegance and sophistication of classic pieces but embraces the need for results that go beyond fashion, offering a lifestyle and an image that defines the modern men and women of today.



Giorgio Armani explains the importance of timelessness in luxury fashion today: “For me, timelessness means a lack of exaggeration. I see the design of timeless pieces as a process of subtraction. I avoid excess, so that a design will never be too strong and make too much of a statement. That way people won’t get tired of it. It is like my mother used to say to me: ‘If you wish to create beauty, only do what is necessary, and no more.”



For the Spring/Summer 2021 collection, silhouettes for both men and women are essential, yet soft and fluid. A blend of pure lines and natural colours that light up with occasional geometries and rhythmic patterns. A colour palette of grey, beige, black and blue is classic and timeless, allowing men and women to express themselves and allow their personalities to shine.



This collection represents men and women who are free from aesthetic constraints, allowed to express themselves in ways that are free and fluid. The soft relaxed approach brings classic Armani tailoring into a new generation of style. Classic pieces such as blazers, straight leg trousers and crisps shirts are worn with a relaxed fit that is less formal and more adaptable to today’s needs. Fabrics are softer, more fluid and sometimes even crinkled, while layering is less heavy and appropriate for the summer months.



More formal looks are present but they are softer and slouchier, while the lighter tone-on-tone colour palette allows even the formalwear to have a more relaxed feel. Geometric patterns, embroideries and subtle embellishment add a glamourous twist to womenswear and men’s formal looks are worn without socks and the addition of printed neckties that add a softer edge to the looks.


The looks in this collection are completed with bold, oversized accessories that offer a modern edge.