Tumi Collaborates with Razer for a Limited-Edition Collection

Fiona Lee   |   19-06-2022

International travel and lifestyle brand Tumi has teamed up with Razer, the leading lifestyle brand for gamers, to reimagine some of its best-selling bags and create a limited-edition gaming collection.


The limited-edition bags collection has been launched by one of our favourite luxury travel bag companies in the region and it has collaborated with the most recognisable gaming company in the industry.  Tumi and Razer use innovation and design excellence to create a collection of high-quality travel bags for the spring.


The bags have been redesigned in some of Tumi’s best-selling products, with the signature colours of Razers logo design, in charcoal grey and florescent green. E-sports has become extremely popular over the years and so it deepens Tumi’s footing within the industry.



Laptop covers, roll-on cases and backpacks are featured within this collection and items are partly made with recycled materials, an essential aspect for both companies who strive to provide a commitment to sustainability.


Only a specific number of units will be sold around the world in each style. 1,337 or ‘Leet’ short for ‘Elite’ is a number that gamers and esports athletes use as signals within games, and so this was decided as the number of pieces that would be available.


“We have fully embraced our esports category with the Razer partnership. We are looking to deliver new and exciting products that are truly in line with the attitude and passion of their gaming community,” said TUMI Creative Director, Victor Sanz.



The TUMI | Razer limited-edition capsule is available in selected stores across the Middle East and is also available online at TUMI.ae.