Valentino Celebrates Women of All Sizes With Its Latest Haute Couture Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   27-01-2022

Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2022 Haute Couture collection “Anatomy of Couture” celebrates the beauty of all women, whatever their shape or size.


Pierpaolo Piccioli enlisted women of all different body frames and ages to showcase his collection in Paris expressing an open and inclusive side to an industry that has notoriously been quite the opposite of that.



In the show notes the brand recognised how the body is something that changes over tie and no two people are the same. “Driven by the urgency of rethinking the rituals and processes of Couture in order to create a canon that reflects the richness and diversity of the contemporary world and promoting an idea of beauty that is not absolute, Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli imagined this Valentino Anatomy of Couture collection not on one single and idealized house model, but on a variety of women with different body frames and ages.” It read.



The collection was created with the bodies of all women in mind. Pieces that could not only be worn by models but that would complement any shape or size and make a woman feel beautiful within her own skin, whatever that may be.



Valentino’s codes of couture were presented throughout the collection: voluptuous shapes, bold colours, attention to detail and a feminine approach, but all were carefully constructed to be worn in new ways and for an audience that may not always be a size zero.



This was not a restriction, in fact, quite the opposite; creating haute couture clothes for real women allowed Piccioli and his team of ateliers to discover new silhouettes and shapes that have never been seen on a haute couture runway before.