Valentino Takes Another Step on Its Path to Sustainability

Lindsay Judge   |   08-09-2022

Valentino has revealed a new partnership with Karma Metrix Energy Efficiency Website, an innovative service for measuring the carbon footprint of websites and webpages.


This move will make Valentino the world’s first luxury brand to make its website energy efficient by measuring and reducing its CO2 emissions by using an innovative digital sustainability tool.


The partnership uses a tool called Karma Metrix. This specific innovative algorithm quantifies the CO2 emission produced by the website and will allow the Maison to measure its energy efficiency and implement actions aimed at reducing its impact on the environment.


The decision for this venture follows the Maison’s commitment to generating positive change for the planet and for all of those who inhabit it. The CO2 emissions linked to websites – due to the fossil fuels powering data centres and end devices, alongside the current ineffective methodologies – are at such high levels to have raised imminent awareness of digital sustainability. According to the Global Carbon Project, the Web in fact ranks as the fourth “country” in the world for carbon dioxide emissions.


Valentino has decided to take action in this new digital territory with pioneer thinking, vision, passion and commitment by investing on sustainable technology.


The partnership aims to highlight how it is possible to start using the web more consciously, using digital transformation to safeguard the planet, to improve the environment and support sustainable business operations.


Through Karma Metrix, Valentino ventures on a sustainability journey creating a connection between digital performance and redefining a sustainable future for the planet. A common mission on energy efficiency through the implementation of a set of metrics and tools to measure the ecological performance of


“Facts show that the Maison, committed to generating new digital opportunities within the brand, is at the forefront of the green transition process” – says Ale Agostini, creator of the Karma Metrix project – “We are pleased to join forces with the Maison to raise awareness that green transition also involves a more efficient development of websites focusing on energy efficiency. As Karma Metrix we are proud to promote positive change that aims to reduce CO2 emissions”.


The partnership unleashes the power of innovation, performance and technology, constantly pushing the boundaries in a commitment to improving the environmental sustainability of online presence.