Valentino Vintage Launches Across Four Locations

Fiona Lee   |   11-06-2022

Valentino began its vintage journey in 2021 with a collection of vintage garments and this year the brand continues its mission with a takeover of four vintage stores across the globe.


Valentino vintage garments are going to be on display in four cities in key vintage stores around the world. These physical places represent rediscovery and are a place to rummage and explore. The four selected boutiques have been transformed into Valentino-branded destinations and the collections invade every space, transporting guests into the past and the history of Valentino fashion.


The vintage collections have all come from distant places and each contains its own past and story to tell. The clothes which will be available for a limited time, have been reunited for guests to enjoy and to begin a new life with a new owner.



The vintage locations will be in Milan, Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles, so if you’re travelling to any of these places, it’s definitely worth checking out. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the vintage collections make an appearance at a boutique in Dubai soon!