Versace’s Pre Fall 23 Collection Is The Fashion Anthem Of The Summer

Emma Hodgson   |   24-05-2023

In the Mediterranean, summer vacation is an artform.

From France, where out-of-office policy throughout August is de rigueur, to Italy’s summer celebration of dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing). From coast-to-coast, time off during the heady summer months is something to be observed, devoured and enjoyed. 


It’s a concept Donatella Versace and her new design partner, pop star Dua Lipa have been inspired by for their joint debut collection. On a night out together last year, the pair came up with the idea of creating a capsule inspired by the fun and joy of the summer season. 


The result is Versace’s Pre Fall La Vacanza “vacation” collection.“We had such a good time designing this collection together. We felt like we were on vacation and that is exactly the spirit we want people to feel when they wear our clothes,” explains Versace. As is fitting for such a collection it was revealed on the French Riviera, a stone’s throw from the Cannes Film Festival in a luxury chateau overlooking the Mediterranean Sea yesterday evening.

There is a mix of references to Lipa’s spirited style throughout the kaleidoscope of looks, from the masterful reinvention of the house’s SS95 collection (the year that Lipa was born), to the inclusion of boxy lines and striking bold silhouettes which the songstress is known for favouring for her onstage attire. 

Elsewhere, the capsule showcases an eclectic journey through the early 2000s. From BabyG Shock Watch colours – think bubblegum pink and baby blue hues – to pieces which take inspiration from the Barbie-esque style of Paris Hilton and preppy pieces which would not look out of place on Elle Woods.

There are some savvy segmented business decisions at the core of the new collection too. Or to put it another way, Gen Z has entered the luxury market group chat, and fashion houses like Versace are taking note. 

Unlike previous collections, the Pre Fall 23 was available immediately – as the fashion house put it – “to download” and purchase after the launch. It also comes at a lower price point too, taking into consideration the spend available to the younger generation. Dua Lipa herself is an obvious choice too, to engage the Gen Z market, with a tribe of fans no doubt wanting to emulate the star who has promised to be wearing the collection “all summer long”.