The Modist Design Their Very Own Label

Diana Bell-Heather   |   25 - 04 - 2018







Just over a year old, The Modist has made a global impact on the fashion scene with a carefully curated wardrobe for those who want to dress modestly.


They stock some of the biggest names in fashion, support regional brands, create their own editorial magazine and now they’re putting the Modist stamp on dressing stylishly and discretely with an in-house label Layeur. Founder and CEO Ghizlan Guenez said in a statement:


“We believe that a multitude of layers make up who you are. They tell your story and with the launch of Layeur, a luxury label dedicated to creating must-have pieces for the modern, modest dresser, we want to celebrate that. We really listened to our customers, considering their needs and desires when approaching design, from the opacity, weight and cut of the fabric ensuring women get the coverage they need whilst also the fashion and comfort that fuels how they feel.”



Choose from pieces perfect for wearing all season-long, or integrating into an elegant Ramadan wardrobe – from chic essentials, to statement goodies. Print lovers will appreciate the vintage-inspired prints created in-house, from abstract mosaics to bold florals, polka dots to leopard. The colour palette takes in subtle hues of champagne and pink, understated navy, and emboldened scarlet and gold.


Get the Layeur look on now.


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