A new Immersive and Experiential Entertainment Park Opens in Dubai

Lindsay Judge   |   16-12-2022

AYA is a first-of-its-kind experience, inviting guests to discover twelve fully-immersive zones, featuring the latest in innovation and technology.


Located on the first floor above the main atrium in WAFI City, AYA is spread across a 40,000-square-foot area. Through a combination of art and the latest technology, this colourful park takes visitors on a trip to a beautiful universe.



The space which has been launched by parent company HyperSpace, offers visitors the opportunity to live out their dreams in a vibrant and colourful world that evokes joy and happiness.


At AYA, travellers will leave the real world behind to create memories of the future in a vibrant and colourful cosmos. The transformative journey begins by entering the world of Aurora, followed by The Source, Drift, Outland and The Pool zones.


Cosmic stars, pools, lush hills and waterfalls of The River zone, The Falls, Celestia, Flora, Tides and Harmonia complete the spectacular experience.


Along the way, travellers to AYA will dance with avatars and unlock new characters to interact with as part of the totally immersive experience.



Witness the wonderment of the future, wander through mystical chambers, experience interactive domes, transport yourself into the cosmic marvels of the beautiful universe, watch awe-inspiring robotic light shows and immerse yourself in storytelling zones using the latest touch-reactive technology in this out-of-this-world entertainment arena.


Book your experience at www.aya-universe.com. For all the latest follow @ayauniverse____.