A&E Recommends: MayaBay, Dubai

Lindsay Judge   |   13-07-2022

One of Monaco’s most sought-after restaurants opens its doors in Dubai.


Japanese-Thai restaurant MayaBay has long had an incredible reputation in Monaco for its luxe interiors and five-star cuisine and now the famous dining destination has arrived in the UAE marking its first departure from the European city. Located at Jumeirah Al Naseem resort in Dubai, MayaBay offers a fine fusion of Japanese and Thai cuisines, that will impress even the most demanding of guests.



The Asian dining destination is famed for its bold ambient red interiors which instantly capture your attention as you walk through the doors. The design is indisputably Asian – adorned with warm and intricately carved wooden panels accentuated by natural stones, red and green chairs, elegant crystal lights, and large glass windows that offer uninterrupted views of the picturesque Turtle Lagoon and the nearby iconic Burj Al Arab hotel.



The lively atmosphere makes this place more than just a restaurant but a lifestyle experience. Choose from either in the main dining area or the less formal lounge area if you’re looking for more of a casual evening.


Yam Ped Tap Tim – Duck Salad


When it comes to the food you won’t be disappointed as this luxury dining destination offers a full range of dishes inspired by traditional Asian cuisine but with a modern twist, so be prepared to come away feeling full!


Maya Crispy Duck


Headed by Chef Shane Mac Neill, MayaBay Dubai’s menu offers a wide range of dishes from dim sums to Japanese tempura and sushi, Thai curries and salads. Standout signature dishes include Maya Crispy Duck, Pad Thai, MayaBay sashimi, Yam Ped Tap Tim (duck salad), and Black Cod with miso and honey.


It also expands on the classics in the form of contemporary dishes such as Caviar dim sum, Prik Pao Mangkorn (wok-fried lobster in prik pao sauce), and MayaBay beef tartare. The menu has also been carefully crafted to include special vegetarian and vegan-friendly options for guests.


Caviar crystal


Don’t forget to sample the mocktail menu which offers a white selection of bespoke drinks suited to every taste. Surprising ingredients are used to add an extra-special touch to professionally mixed drinks.




And of course, make room for dessert as the famed Milk cake and Candyfloss are a must-try – you’ll thank us later!


And you’re guaranteed to have a night you won’t forget as live music will keep you entertained throughout the evening. A DJ plays modern tunes while on the mezzanine level of the bar you’ll find Asian-inspired beats from conga drums, percussions, and a live band, MayaBay promises to be an evening you won’t forget! Our tip: book a table ahead of time as this place is in demand!