Amna Sultan Al Habtoor Founder of Arcadia Discusses What Ramadan Means to Her

Lindsay Judge   |   01-04-2023

What does Ramadan mean to you?

Ramadan is a time for pause and reflection. I love to take this time to focus on the more important things in life like my relationship with God and my family.


Reflecting on this past year what has been your biggest achievement?

I would say launching Edition 3 – The Tribute Edition has been my greatest achievement this past year. This collection pays homage to the UAE and underscores my love for the country.

The scents feature three distinct notes, including oud, amber and musk, each dedicated to a time within the UAE. Devotion, the oud-based scent, is devoted to those who have been here from the start; Eternal, which is amber-based, is a nod to those who have come and gone; while Sincere, which includes notes of musk, is an ode to those who have just arrived.


What is a memory that you have of the Holy Month growing up?

My late mother, may God rest her soul, used to set up a tent in the garden for the whole family. We would spend hours on end playing all kinds of games and simply enjoying each other’s company.


Ramadan is very nostalgic to me. My siblings and I still play the games we used to growing up and I’m extremely grateful that the traditions and memories of Ramadan are still practised in my family today.


How will you be spending Eid this year?

Where I’m happiest – at home with my family!


Where is your favourite place to travel for the holidays?

I consider myself a world traveller so it’s really difficult to pinpoint one destination. But I have immense love for Tokyo and New York, so I’m always ready to travel there!


What does it mean to you to celebrate?

To me, celebrating Ramadan means connecting with loved ones on a deeper level. It’s being with each other instead of around each other.


What do you hope this year will bring to you?

I hope this year will bring further personal growth by focusing on activities that will further enhance my quality of life.


What is a message you would send to our readers on this special occasion?

May all you strive for this Ramadan be accepted and may you be granted all that you seek.