Buccellati Celebrates Italian Crafts at Milan Design Week

Lindsay Judge   |   20-04-2023

On the occasion of Milan Design Week Buccellati hosted “Buccellati Rosso Maraviglia,” an exhibition presented on the rooftop terrace of its Via Brisa headquarters.


The installation conceived by the multidisciplinary studio AMDL CIRCLE and the Architect Michele De Lucchi, transforms the terrace into a modern Pantheon enclosing a magical garden of wonders in a red envelope and also offers the opportunity to celebrate two great Italian arts of silver and glass.



Buccellati also revealed a collection of silver table accessories as well as a selection of glass pieces, developed in collaboration with Venini, the historic Italian company and master in the art of glass. The exhibition, curated by Federica Sala, also includes a botanical art installation by the artist Lily Kwong.


The installation is in the form of a red dome high in the skies of Milan. The bold red design is an unexpected colour for the industrial city and draws passers-by to turn their attention upwards. Inspired by the faceted prisms of a jewel’s stones the eye-catching shapes immediately capture attention.



The roof is inspired by the inside of the Pantheon’s dome with the characteristic lacunars, and pyramidal coffers, arranged in three rows which progressively narrow upwards, generating depth and luminous vibrations, which constantly change according to the view angle.



The domed structure is dressed in three layers of red mesh fabric. The rhythm of the intertwined threads gives shape to a filigree architecture, sewn and tied in a textile weave, an expression of Made in Italy handmade, like the precious artefacts on display. The AMDL CIRCLE installation celebrates Buccellati’s creativity and craftsmanship with a dome with a striking colour scheme. Like a faceted jewel, it crowns a historic Milanese building, generating an unusual scenario and stimulating a reflection on the priceless value of handmade objects.



The new glass collection Rossa Maraviglia expresses the craftsmanship of the two brands and gives life to unusual creations, combining silver and glass for a unique aesthetic. A base of silver fruits created by Buccellati is combined with coloured “Fazzoletto” glass vases, first created in 1948.



The second creation features the “Deco” vase, designed by Napoleone Martinuzzi in 1930, Buccellati which accentuates the rhythmic composition formed by the alternation of horizontal round ribs in opaline glass, graciously blending the Art Decò style with the Murano glass technique, by adding a row of silver rings to the foot and mouth of the vase.


Andrea Buccellati, Lily Kwong, Maria Cristina Buccellati, Luca Buccellati


And thirdly, the Narciso bowl is proposed by Buccellati enriched by a decoration of fruits on the base while the Venere bowl by an orderly and a rich crown of shells.