Dubai Artist Sends a Message of Hope With Her New Exhibition

Lindsay Judge   |   05-11-2020

Dubai-based artist Rowaida Hakim is exhibiting her latest works on through an online exhibition starting on November 5th.


The exhibition of 70 works were designed to send a message of positivity to the world with a dedicated theme of hope.



The self-taught artist will display her works on a specially designated site using virtual reality technology so that viewers can have a unique experience of viewing the paintings.



During the month of November, selected paintings from the exhibition will also be on view at Rowaida Interiors Gallery in JLT.



“The main drive behind staging this large-scale virtual exhibition was to send a message to everyone that we can and achieve our goals and dreams at any time,” says Hakim. “Whether it be coronavirus or other obstacles, we are able to attain our aspirations if we believe we can and do so with a positive vision and manner.”



Working in an abstract and expressionist style, Hakim’s works on canvas combine vibrant colours with her signature use of 18-carat gold leaf. Hakim explores themes relating to positivity, humanity, cultural understanding, peace and the beauty of nature, and specifically, the need to find positivity and motivation and continue to dream even amidst the turbulence and challenges of these present times.



The exhibition includes works such as Romance, painted in 2018, featuring a hot pink canvas, My garden (2020), portraying a series of trees painted with green leaves in a gold trunk with semi-precious stones, the Silent Messages collection painted in acrylic with gold leaf on canvas, Golden key, a key painted in gold leaf against a black background and Happy flowers (2020) Canvas in golden with one side filled meticulously painted flowers.


The painting that symbolises the theme of the show also called Hope (2020) filled with cherry blossom flowers painted on a blue painted Canvas, each with its distinct colour and form, with gold mountains in the background. “I love this work because it transmits a very warm feeling of happiness and it reflects how the flowers open after the winter, ” after every hard times there is beauty coming out, let us hope good is coming.”



“The main reason I am creating such a large-scale virtual art exhibition is to show how nothing can stop us,” continued Hakim. “We must always have hope, even during the most challenging times. We must never give up under any condition, whether it is because of coronavirus or other circumstances. We must always retain hope and the will from inside of us to do the best that we can do in every aspect of our lives. We must continue to enjoy our lives and be happy. We must not give ourselves an excuse to feel sad. With every challenge, there is an opportunity and a solution that can help us move to a better place. Every obstacle is a way for us to transcend our difficulties and become a better version of ourselves.”

Click here to view the exhibition online and appointments can be made to view the artworks in click here to book.