Emirati Artist Maha Al Mazrouei is Debuting Her Latest Works at COYA Dubai

Lindsay Judge   |   10-04-2021

Emirati artist Maha Al Mazrouei is presenting her latest artworks at COYA Dubai as part of a new exhibition at the Latin American restaurant.


Al Mazrouei’s artworks which consist of oil paintings on canvas, explore strands of abstract expressionism to reach the mind and soul of her audience.



The artists explains; “The elements in each of my pieces offer an opportunity for the viewer to escape external structures and interpret the art depending on their life experiences.” Her paintings do not have titles as she believes it will limit the viewer’s imagination.



The bold and vibrant works displayed at COYA focus on different elements of nature and are primarily defined by textures and bold shades of colours and contrast. Her palette knife technique on canvas allows her to create cubistic pieces that look almost three-dimensional in appearance.



The latest exhibition reiterates COYA’s Dubai’s support and dedication to local talent as they continue to combine the stunning interiors of the restaurant with contemporary art. COYA Dubai’s dining guests will have the chance to view the latest exhibition on display until May 22.