Inside The Loro Piana Istallation In Dubai

Lindsay Judge   |   06-12-2018




To celebrate its arrival in the region and the opening of its Dubai Mall store, Loro Piana presented a unique installation, dedicated to the world’s most beautiful wool; The Gift of Kings. The installation celebrated the most luxurious wool in the world, as discovered by Loro Piana.


Presented under the patronage of H.H. Sheikha Lateefa bint Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum the installation celebrates the rare Gift of Kings wool, which is used by Loro Piana to produce its luxury pieces. Working directly with breeders in Australia and New Zealand, Loro Piana sources this fine rare wool to ensure the pieces they produce are of the most luxurious quality. The Gift of Kings measures around 12 mircons in diameter and is only available in tiny quantities. A precious and refined selection of the wool is produced each year.



The installation, which was open to the public last month, was held in the sky garden of the Dubai Opera House, with picturesque views underneath the Burj Khalifa – a luxury destination for a luxury fabric. Resembling a dreamy ethereal cloud, the sculptural installation conceals secret chambers that offer visitors a glimpse into the secrets of this rare wool and its journey from raw fibre to woven fabric that is the pride and joy of Loro Piana. “Above all, The Gift of Kings is a declaration of our deep respect for the natural world and the beauty that comes from it – a value that has led us to this collaboration.” Said Fabio d’Angelantonio, CEO of Loro Piana.





The installation, which has been created exclusively for Dubai, celebrates the excellence in the world of wool. To reward the leading woolgrowers, Loro Piana created The Record Bale award. The award is presented to a rare wool that breaks all previous records for finesse, producing a wool of such high quality that is like no other. This exhibition allowed members of the public to experience the wool in its raw state. “Loro Piana is about touching the product, and the exhibition is allowing visitors to touch the wool and experience it first hand.” said d’Angelantonio, The wool was produced in 2014 by Robert and Pamela Sandlant in Australia and measures 10.3 microns in diameter – finer than most cashmere. Each record holder is preserved in its raw wool form until the time a new record is broken. When that happens the wool is ready to be spun and woven into fabric.




Loro Piana has collaborated with Dubai-based artist eL Seed who created a unique artwork that enveloped the Gift of Kings installation. The artist is known for his intricate and captivating compositions of traditional Arabic calligraphy fused with street art. This combination of ancient craft and modern vision resonates perfectly with Loro Piana’s philosophy, blending unique heritage, skilled workmanship and innovative textile technology.


The new Loro Piana store is now open at The Dubai Mall.