Discover the New Rolls-Royce Ghost

Lindsay Judge   |   26-05-2021

Rolls-Royce presents the New Ghost, a new generation of the ultimate in luxury driving.


“Take the best that exists and make it better” Sir Henry Royce, Founder of Rolls-Royce.

Over the last decade, the Rolls-Royce Ghost has become the most successful vehicle in the brands 116-year history, each year building on its luxury and innovation. This modern model was initially created in response to a new generation of clients who were looking for a slightly smaller less ostentatious version of the iconic Rolls-Royce, that was slightly more versatile and met the demands of the modern world. The Goodwood Ghost first debuted in 2009 and has seen great success over the last ten years. But today an updated version of the iconic car represents a whole new group of Rolls-Royce clients. These business leaders and entrepreneurs demand more of their Ghost than ever. They are looking for a new type of super-luxury car that is dynamic, comfortable and minimalistic.



The new Ghost has been completely redesigned from the first Goodwood Ghost explains Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars; The only components that we carried over from the first Goodwood Ghost were the Spirit of Ecstasy and umbrellas. Everything else was designed, crafted and engineered from the ground up. The result is the most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce yet. It distils the pillars of our brand into a beautiful, minimalist, yet highly complex product that is perfectly in harmony with our Ghost clients’ needs and perfectly in tune with the times.”



This car is designed to be driven. Taking Rolls-Royce from its tradition of chauffeur-driven motor cars to the modern way of travelling and truly allowing the owner to enjoy his or her driving experience. And it’s true to say, driving this car is no ordinary experience. After a decade of research by Luxury Intelligence Specialists this car was based on the needs of today’s driver and how clients today use their motor cars. With immense attention to detail and unrivalled savoir-faire, the new Ghost is one of a kind.



As Ghost clients required even more of their motor car, Rolls-Royce used its expertise to respond, incorporating technology such as all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering in Ghost, unlocking an entirely new, purposeful personality. The new Ghost is a motor car precisely tailored to its clients. While it may appear perfect in its simplicity, it is underpinned by remarkable substance, that is less but better.



Beginning with the aluminium spaceframe architecture this lightweight frame allows for full flexibility to serve the unique aesthetic and mechanical demands of the vehicle. The moveable aluminium bulkhead, floor, crossmembers and sill panels were positioned specifically to ensure the New Ghost meets client expectations as a motor car that is equally enjoyable to drive as it is to be driven in. Two of the cast suspension mounting assembles were pushed to the very front of the New Ghost, placing its 6.75-litre V12 behind the front axle to achieve an optimum 50/50 weight distribution. To accommodate, the car’s length has grown by 89mm. Significant changes were also made to the double-skinned bulkhead and floor structure packaging. These were undertaken to incorporate an all-wheel drivetrain, all-wheel steering and a completely redesigned Planar Suspension System.



The car’s outer body is rendered as one clean, expansive piece, flowing seamlessly from the A-pillar, over the roof and backwards to the rear of the car. The smooth, sleek lines offer a timeless design that looks as great as it drives. To achieve this unique design four craftsmen hand weld the body together simultaneously to ensure a perfectly continuous seam, a process that requires the greatest in skill. 20 LEDs lights placed underneath the top of the radiator grille subtly illuminate the car for a futuristic look.



The 6.75-litre Twin Turbocharged V12 engine was created specifically for this car to ensure ample performance while the air intake system incorporates larger porting to reduce engine presence in the interior suite and ensure a smooth, quiet journey for passengers. Engineering specialists redesigned the car’s suspension completely to create what is called the Planar Suspension System. Named after a geometric plane, which is completely flat and level, the system is the result of ten years of testing and development to create a sense of flight on land never before achieved by a motor car. Created through physical engineering developments as well as sophisticated scanning and software technology, it incorporates a world-first Upper Wishbone Damper unit above the front suspension assembly, creating an even more stable and effortless ride. This works alongside the Flagbearer system, which uses cameras to read the road ahead and prepare the suspension system for any changes in the road surface, as well as the marque’s Satellite Aided Transmission. These technologies are managed as one through a bespoke Planar software system and allow the New Ghost to anticipate and react to the most demanding road surfaces. Further adding to this incredibly smooth ride is the Upper Wishbone Damper which was developed to further improve the continuously variable, electronically controlled shock absorbers and the self-levelling high-volume air strut assembles.



When it comes to details, the new Rolls-Royce Ghost leads the way. From the self-closing doors to Micro Environment Purification System that filters the car’s air, every last thought goes into perfecting the journey for passengers. Technology is at the forefront of the car with LED and laser headlights with more than 600m of illuminated range, vision assist, including day and night wildlife and pedestrian warning; alertness assistant; a four-camera system with panoramic view, all-round visibility and helicopter view; active cruise control; collision warning; cross-traffic warning; lane departure and lane change warning; an industry-leading 7×3 high-resolution head-up display; Wi-Fi hotspot; self-park; and the very latest navigation and entertainment systems.


Inside the car, the minimalistic design continues. Simplicity and elegance reigns over-complicated fussy elements. Its clean and modern lines are appealing to the eye and concentrate on the “less is more” philosophy, It also relies on sourcing the very finest materials. From leathers to woods and metals all of which are subjected to the automotive industry’s most exhaustive quality control checks. Two new finishes have also been developed specifically for the motor car. The first is Obsidian Ayous, inspired by the rich versatility of colours found in lava rock. The second is Dark Amber; this introduces subtle glamour to the interior suite by integrating veins of fine aluminium particles into the dark wood.



For a pleasant experience, the Bespoke Audio system offers an all-round immersive sound experience for its passengers. A powerful amplifier controls 18 channels (one for each speaker), providing a 1300W output. State-of-the-art optimisation technology and high-precision magnesium-ceramic compound speaker cones enable infinitesimal changes in sound with outstanding frequency response. The innovative sound system is the best in the industry.


The final touch to the design masterpiece is the Illuminated Fascia which brings a glowing Ghost nameplate, surrounded by more than 850 stars into the interior suite. Located on the passenger side of the dashboard, the constellation and wordmark are completely invisible when the interior lights are not in operation. This unique touch was the result of highly complex and true luxury innovation.


Reviewed by Lara Mansour Sawaya