Rolls-Royce Unveils Phantom ‘The Six Elements’ With a Spectacular Event in Dubai

Lindsay Judge   |   17-12-2022

Rolls-Royce has unveiled a new series of six one-of-one custom-made Phantom Series II Extended Motor cars.


The six exclusive designs were created by Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective at Goodwood, the home of Rolls-Royce along with the resident Bespoke designer in the Private Office Dubai and dealer partners in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with world-renowned British artist Sacha Jafri.


From left: César Habib, Regional Director RRMC Middle East and Africa, Beit el Baraka Harmony House,  Beekeepers Foundation,  Surgeons For Little Lives,  Sacha Jafti


Each car includes a unique Gallery artwork, hand-painted by Jafri, inspired by one of the five traditional elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Air – plus a sixth: Humanity.


This exclusive series of cars has raised in excess of $1 million for charity; the unique fund-raising NFT in each car makes this ‘The Rolls-Royce that Keeps on Giving’. This unique collaboration brings together the worlds of art and craftsmanship and elevates the legacy of the Phantom Series II.




“Through my work I aim to combine the power of art with a stripped-back essence of expression, love, empathy, and intention, to inspire a more conscious and intention-filled Humanity, striving for a reconnected world; reunited by the common goal of a more hopeful & sustainable future for our planet,” said Sacha Jafri.




The six creations were unveiled with a celebratory gala event in Dubai, attended by clients and dignitaries, the Artist, Sacha Jafri, as well as Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and César Habib, the company’s Regional Director Middle East & Africa.




César Habib, Regional Director, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Middle East & Africa added: “Words cannot express how thrilled we are at the tremendous success of ‘The Six Elements’: The Rolls-Royce That Keeps on Giving. We at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars build exceptional motor cars for the few. However, we are also mindful of the many. This is why, together with our partners – Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Abu Dhabi, we embarked on this unique journey in collaboration with the world-renowned artist Sacha Jafri to build six magnificent one-of-one Phantoms.




 I’m enormously proud of what we have achieved, and I am very pleased to announce that we, at the start of our journey, have already raised over $1 million for charity. Inspiring greatness sits at the heart of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and is what constantly drives us. Phantom ‘The Six Elements’ is the very embodiment of this mission.”


Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars said: “This unique series is the result of a deep, meaningful and genuine collaboration between our great marque and the artist, Sacha Jafri. Phantom is our pinnacle product and designed to be a blank canvas, which can be transformed into a true work of art – this project is an extraordinary example of that. We are delighted to see these motoring masterpieces come to life after a remarkable journey of collaboration, creativity and craftsmanship, and we are thrilled with the success of the entire project and the money raised for charity. I congratulate the team involved both in Goodwood and the Middle East for achieving this inspiring feat.”




The idea behind creating these six masterpieces is for them to become a means to donate funds to charities operating in the fields of health, sustainability, and education, and during the event, the donation of $1.23 million was divided among four charities: Surgeons for Little Lives – South Africa, Harmony House – India, The Beekeepers Foundation – UAE and Beit el Baraka – Lebanon.

Additionally, beyond the initial charitable donation, the six unique Phantoms can keep on giving thanks to a unique NFT initiative, providing even more value for the cause.




The six one-off NFTs are linked to each of the Phantoms, but owners may sell their NFT independently if they choose to do so. With every trade of the NFT, a royalty will be paid into a digital wallet dedicated to charity. In addition, a QR code will be uniquely embedded within the glove compartment of each Phantom Series II, enabling each of the six owners to view the NFT.