Cartier Offers Support to Those Affected by the Beirut Explosion

Lindsay Judge   |   07 - 10 - 2020

As hundreds of thousands try to re-build their lives support from international organisations is crucial as the country by no means has the facilities or finances to re-build themselves.


Cartier is supporting Swiss humanitarian NGO Medair to deliver emergency assistance to those impacted and displaced by the disaster – in particular, to meet their shelter and health needs – and to assist in the rehabilitation of damaged buildings and public facilities. Medair’s teams are also working to provide mental health support to the most vulnerable groups.



Medair has been active in Lebanon since 2012, working primarily to provide shelter materials, household supplies, medical care and mental health support to the most vulnerable populations. Since early 2013, the organisation has led the Geographic Information System mapping of informal settlements across the country – often rural and hard-to-reach areas that have no official boundaries or addresses – providing a vital coordination tool for humanitarian actors to respond promptly. After the devastating port explosion that ripped the city apart, Medair stepped up its relief work.



Over the next few months, building on its shelter expertise and in close coordination with the other humanitarian actors and the constantly evolving needs, Medair will rehabilitate damaged residential buildings and public facilities. Cartier is supporting these efforts in any way it can, helping to get those affect back to some kind of normality as quickly as possible.



Christophe Massoni, Chief Executive Officer of Cartier in the Middle East, India and Africa said: “We were deeply saddened by the recent events in Beirut and have been exploring different options to help the Lebanese people. This partnership with Medair will support to deliver emergency assistance to estimable 11,000 people impacted by the disaster.



These measures build on Cartier’s longstanding commitment to helping the most vulnerable, restore their dignity, reduce their vulnerability and enhance their resilience, through Cartier Philanthropy, the Maison’s grant-making foundation established in 2012.”