Dubai Business Women Council Launches New Programme to Support Women-Led Start-Ups From the UAE

Lindsay Judge   |   08-09-2020

Dubai Business Women Council has partnered with Creative Zone to launch “She Leads”; an exciting new programme that aims to accelerate 100 female-led start-up companies from the UAE.


Recognising the large sector of SME businesses in the UAE the She Leads programme aims to empower 100 women entrepreneurs to successfully launch their businesses in the country.


“Business incubators and accelerators play an important role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by not only offering training and services but also connecting business owners to opportunities and resources, that will help them overcome various challenges that limit business development and growth”, said Lorenzo Jooris, CEO of Creative Zone.



The 12-week training programme will support and nurture 100 of the UAE brightest women. Women over the age of 21, living in the UAE with an existing business or concrete business plan are invited to apply for coaching, networking and learning opportunities.


In addition, the two most promising applicants will receive a set of free business solutions such as trade licence, tax and legal services, co-working spaces and more.



All training modules and workshops will be taught online by some of the most renowned industry experts, coaches and business leaders based in the UAE and abroad, focusing on business launch strategy, funding & scaling, impactful leadership, marketing, finance and distribution.


The programme is the first of its kind in Dubai to exclusively target women, helping them to successfully build their businesses.


“Women entrepreneurs are a vital component of our economy, as they are responsible for creating new businesses and jobs. Despite the rapid increase in the number of women-owned firms in recent years, women still face significant barriers to growth. With She Leads, we aim to level up the field by providing women with an equal opportunity in developing their skills and knowledge and connecting them to prospects and resources,” said Nadine Halabi, Business Development Manager of the Dubai Business Women Council.


Upon completion of the program, some of the most capable participants will get an opportunity to participate in ‘X Scale’ the accelerator’s second phase where they will get a chance to pitch their business plan to investors, business moguls, and successful entrepreneurs.


Registration is now open and the first module is set to start on September 22. The list of speakers, entry criteria and the registration can be accessed here